"When the winds of change blow

some people build walls,

other people build windmills."

imm-Integrated Management Metrics is the Pathfinder, leading small private companies to discover hidden profit opportunities. We believe that marketing redefined includes the entire firm. And imm teaches companies to integrate their operational functions to their marketing efforts to win and keep customers.


We are not in the IT business! At imm, integration means integration of all Marketing, Organizational, Operations, and Financial systems to optimize growth and profitability. We integrate 3 major actions, think, feel, do to  create what the Harvard Business Review called; "The Ultimate Marketing Machine"

IMM LLC was founded in 1991 at the request of a client The California Kiwifruit Commission, remained a client for 5 years as kiwifruit became a mainstream fruit in supermarkets. IMM increased its' produce business to include the California Tomato Board, Sinaloa Growers of Mexico, Lindemann Melons and Sunspiced Potatoes.

Over the years we continued to advise Philippine Airlines, California Raisins, Daymon Worldwide and a variety of consulting companies. 

Before it was called the "Blue Ocean Strategy", we were doing it.  When we discovered that Calgon's key corporate attribute was softness we realized that delivering softness to clothes in the dryer not the washer would create a new market that had not existed. This led to the creation of Cling Free Fabric Softener for the dryer and a new multimillion dollar market.

Putting real fruit & real juice in a frozen novelty expanded iced pops into the adult treat market with Dole Fruit & Juice Bars, without fighting for market share with the established Popsicle Brand.

​Both these successes occurred because we listened to customers. We treat our clients the same way, we listen not just for deliverables but to know what outcomes you really want.