Marketing Consultation

Our practice is built on consulting and coaching skills honed over 30 years of Fortune 500 corporate experience with such companies as P&G, Merck, Borden, Dole, Foote Cone Belding, DDB, and Gallo Wine.

Our greatest depth of expertise is in planning and marketing, and we have developed an integrated approach that is inclusive and effective. In our view marketing not only includes sales and advertising but also incorporates inputs from finance, shipping, manufacturing, HR, and IT to be successful.

To effectively market your business today everyone in the company must participate.  But achieving integration in corporate management becomes more difficult as your staff increases. With 2 people in a team there is only one connection, with 32 there are over 1000.   As your company grows it is important to keep your teams small, but it is also necessary to keep your entire company aware of your goals, and objectives.

Flexible written systems are needed so ALL TEAMS are working on the same objectives and strategies

What do we do?

Position Your Company

Develop Brand Plans

Create Long Range Strategic Plans

Create Budget & Variance Reports

Develop Funding Requests

Create Incentive Plans Based on Performance

Optimize Your Organization

Do we... just do it?

No! We work with YOU, so you can not only accept the changes but continue to integrate them into your company's personality.


                                                                            - Peter Drucker